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CQ SCRY /RTTYops WW RTTY Contest 2024

A Worldwide  contest with Scandinavian & Baltic as bonus!

Period 1 :  SCRY Aug 23th-24th 2024  Period 1 22:00 UTC Friday to 12:00 Saturday

Period 2:  SCRY Aug 25th-26th 2024  Period 2 12:00 UTC Sunday to 23:59 Sunday


RULES :  >Rules<  here

Exchange : RST + Year of license 

1.8-28 MHz  RST + Year of license


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Worked All Europe RTTY Contest NOV 11th-12th, 2023
OK DX RTTY Contest DEC 16th, 2023. 0000-2400 UTC




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RTTYops tuesday sprint 1700-1900 UTC

RTTYops thursday sprint 0300-0500 UTC

RTTYops thursday sprint 1700-1900 UTC


RTTYops weekendsprint sunday 1200-1800 UTC



CQ SCRY Scandianian Baltic / RTTYops WW RTTY DX Contest 


RTTY is a digital mode used for primary DXing, broadcasting news, newsletters DX, Chat and Contesting.

Its been used in both 45 and 75 baudrate among amateur radio operators passed 40 years.

RTTY OPS been founded 2004 by youngsters in WWYC -( World Wide Young Contesters),

The RTTYops facebooksite have over 1200 members since 2010, and founded by LB3RE (ex LA6FJA) and WK6I Jeff

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Biggest RTTY events last 25 years been mostly CQ RJ WW RTTY DX Contest and CQ WW WPX RTTY Contest, other famous RTTY contest been VK SG RTTY Contest, SCC RTTY , JARTS RTTY, SARTG WW, WAE RTTY, BARTG RTTY.

A few DXpeditions still using/have used RTTY succesfully as over the years.

RTTYops had a article in Japanese 59 Magazine by JARTS RTTY Manager 7L4IOU.

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The founders of RTTYops had several RTTY activities.


Founded in 2004 to save & activate RTTY and engage RTTY activity in DX and Contesting


RTTYops Facebook  site been managed by WK6I, LB3RE + few more. Having over 1200 members worldwide

Logrobot by HA8RT 

The Facebook site is managed by WK6I Jeff & LB3RE "RAG" Stein Roar 

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First RTTY DXPedition was with S9LA 2002, and then first RTTY QSO from new DXCC Montenegro YU6AO 2004 by SQ9UM, SP5HNK, SQ5BPM, SQ5NBQ, LA6FJA

SPØDXC in WPX RTTY Contest was major activity first years.

First RTTY activity by founder was LI3OWG 1994 by LA5FHA Father and son LB3RE @LA5G/LA7AZ.


Founded by LB3RE (ex LA6FJA), ON4BPM/SQ5BPM in SP5ZCC during WPX RTTY.

Later years we had operation from Montenegro YU6AO and also from Norway LN5O with ON4BPM/SQ5BPM & S53NW during Multi operations in CQ WPX RTTY.