The new OVERLAY called WIRE-ONLY. What exactly do you mean?

WIRE-ONLY is for the small pistols with no room for antennas. Only using one wire on restricted area. It could be a vertical, a horizontal, a dipole, an end-feed, a loop or whatever, as long as it consist of only one, non rotateable, driven element with single feedpoint.

Who can contact eachother in this contest?

Everybody in worldwide dxcc can contact anyone, but there are extra points and mults for Scandinavians & Baltic stations.

Can Scandinavian & Baltic stations work other Scandinavians & Baltic stations?

Yes, Scandinavians and Baltic can contact each other.

What is multiplayers?

1. This is the object of contest to collects year of when the operator got its license.

2. 2nd Multiplayer of the contest is callsign prefixes in Scandinavia and Baltic area.

 Can you explain about how the Scandinavian & Baltic Multipliers works vs. prefixes?

The 2nd multipliers in Scandinavia & Baltic are the call-areas in each country. Example SM1 is the 1st call-area i Sweden. If a station is using the call OH/G4AAA it’s not very clear what call area he is working from. It will not be OH0 (Åland), but a call area in Finland. We encourage all Scandinavian participants to use well defined calls. In this case OH1/G4AAA is a better choice of callsign.

I made some casual QSO’s and logged on paper. How do I submit my log ?

You have to make a Cabrillo log and submit it to the rttyops log robot. SM2EZT has made a Windows program for manual input of a paper log for SAC. The output file will be a CABRILLO-file. Go to SK3BG SAC page for download. You may also take a look on SAC CONTEST Software page

My logprogram can not make a Cabrillo log. What shall I do?

If your program can export the ADIF format, you may test SP7DQR’s ADIF2CBR converter. Please read the instructions carefully.

Scandinavian & Baltic stations sometimes say PSE QSY 21033 NW. What do they mean?

The Scandinavian station you are working want to get you as a new multiplier on 21 MHz. It’s usually very exciting to see if you can make a QSO on another band. So please consider to do the QSY and give out another new multiplier.

Is remote operation allowed?

If your all of your transmitters, receivers and antennas are located at the same QTH, according to rules 4: “All transmitters and receivers must be within a single 500-meter diameter circle. Antennas must be physically connected by RF transmission lines to the transmitters and receivers.”, it is OK to remote control your station.

Where are the Scandianvian countries on the map?

Take a look on the map below. If you click on a pin, you will find the name and prefixes used by that country. Note that the Scandinavian countries in SAC maybe not the same as you have learned back in school. Look for the official list of Scandinavian countries on wikipedia.