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Member# Callsign Name Paid
1 LB3RE Rag Life
2 LA1KUA Kim Life
3 WB9FLW Pete  
4 ON4BPM Marek Life
5 K6MR Ken  
6 M3AWD Scott  
7 LA7VK  Tormod  
8 K6TU Stu  
9 UZ1WW Vladimir "BOB"  
10 S53NW Herman Life 
11 KF7RWW Ed Sharpe  
12 IK2OVT Paolo  
13 KS0D Robert "Pete"  
14 N1IVY Mike  
15 N9UNX Chad  
16 W0HRO Ken  
17 WD9IGY Tom  
18 EI9HQ Declan  
19 KX4KU Kevin  
20 E78AX Boris  
21 NP4EG Edgar  
22 LA7NNA  Brede  
23 WB1HGA  Ron  
24 K6DF Dennis  
35 LA5FHA Svein Life
36 AC4RD Ken 2022
37 OM7ZZ Jozef  
38 LA7WCA Arne  

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Just contact us on our Facebookpage or email LB3RE lb3re(a) or wk6i(a)

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Hall of fame is suggested by open voting on RTTYops facebookpage in 20123. link



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Donation covering cost of RTTY website server and logservices.



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